Insurance contract renewals from January 1, 2022: limitations are already underway

Since the first semester of 2019, the insurance market started an upward trend in Europe: prices have increased, and covers have been more limited. In this context, insurance companies have been reviewing their contracts and programs to the detriment of policyholders, who experienced broader limitations and poorer covers since 2020. We published a synthetic study on this subject in May 2020; here is an update.


“Pandemic insurance: the embalmer, the abbot and the gravedigger”. A column from Jérôme Goy.

Why should we not believe the fable that is told to us, or how the insurance of companies against the pandemic can only be a mutualised and generalised guarantee, and not an additional tax loophole ?


The termination of an insurance contract: a fresh air within formalism

The insurance market has been growing steadily, as you know, for more than two years now. The trend will continue to intensify at the end of 2021 for the January 1st contract renewal season.
In order not to suffer from such important increases, which are often presented as inevitable, insured companies wishing to do so, must prepare before the summer the competition from their intermediaries (brokers and managers), before (or sometimes at the same time) that of insurers.


The MGA, a trendy (but not so new) beast Why?

On February 3rd, 2021, the underwriting agency Centrix announced its decision to join the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) – the only association in the UK that represents and promotes the Managing General Agents (MGA) industry and its members. “A natural choice,” according to the newly created MGA (2019) fancying to expand its presence in the London market.


Paris fantasizes the return of captive insurance companies

Le ministère de l’Economie aimerait que les grands groupes qui choisissent de s’assurer eux-mêmes – en
créant une captive d’assurance – le fassent en France plutôt qu’au Luxembourg


Why the consequences of a pandemic are not uninsurable (and should be insured)

Article published in Les Echos by Julien Aubert, Jérôme Goy and Olivier Marleix

Coronavirus and business interruption: hotels, restaurants, is there a loophole in your insurance policy? (Free translated synthesis)

Insurance companies are insuring that business losses related to the pandemic are not insurable. However, the contracts are ambiguous, particularly concerning coverage during administrative closures, and the article proposes the contracts of five French insurance companies.


Intervention of Jérôme Goy on Sud Radio (Free translation)

Date : 2 Mai 2020
Organizer / Location: Sur Radio
Horaire : 8h45
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Goy

With Philippe David