Enthemis assists clients in arbitration proceedings whether at the pre-litigation stage, the defense before the arbitral tribunal or the challenge or defense of the validity of the award.

Outsourced Legal Department

You may be wondering what this means. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have an in-house legal team with the experience and skills required to handle the legal issues they face. To fill this gap and to provide these SMEs with the legal certainty and optimisation they need to achieve sustained and lasting growth, ENTHEMIS offers a responsive, fixed-budget legal outsourcing service thanks to our experience in packaged legal assistance. Via a dedicated contact person, all of the firm’s resources are available to your business for a previously defined and adjustable monthly fee. Company managers and their staff face many situations they cannot manage alone – signing employment contracts, employee dismissals and mutually agreed terminations, validating business proposals, optimising supplier agreements, managing customer disputes, negotiating a commercial lease, redefining terms of sale – and they hesitate to turn to a lawyer either because time is lacking or due to concern about the cost. After jointly defining a monthly number of hours corresponding to the client’s identified requirements, ENTHEMIS drafts an advisory services agreement complete with a proposed monthly fee. Once the agreement has been accepted and signed, a familiarisation meeting is arranged at the client’s offices.


In the same way as advice and assistance, legal training helps to secure a company’s operations. Drawing on our partners’ extensive experience, at ENTHEMIS we provide bespoke training based on detailed specifications and courses addressing recurring business needs. We have developed particular expertise in training for employees keen to gain the knowledge and command of legal tools they need in their work.

Litigation Services

Conducting litigation, a lawyer’s customary activity, also provides input for reflection and defining strategies during the advisory stage. Before taking a matter to court, the risks must be analysed, the costs assessed, and alternative dispute resolution methods explored. ENTHEMIS can represent clients all over the French territory and in all ordinary law and specialised courts. The Firm also represents and assists clients in dealings with the public administration, administrative authorities and organisations carrying out judicial functions.

Advisory Services

Advice and assistance, particularly on conducting strategic transactions and contractual negotiations, are a core activity at ENTHEMIS. Thanks to our firm’s flexibility and our lawyers’ commitment and experience, we can provide services tailored to your company’s needs as part of a strategy. Availability, responsiveness and cost control are among our priority concerns.