Insurance contract renewals from January 1, 2022: limitations are already underway

Since the first semester of 2019, the insurance market started an upward trend in Europe: prices have increased, and covers have been more limited. In this context, insurance companies have been reviewing their contracts and programs to the detriment of policyholders, who experienced broader limitations and poorer covers since 2020. We published a synthetic study on this subject in May 2020; here is an update.


“Pandemic insurance: the embalmer, the abbot and the gravedigger”. A column from Jérôme Goy.

Why should we not believe the fable that is told to us, or how the insurance of companies against the pandemic can only be a mutualised and generalised guarantee, and not an additional tax loophole ?


The termination of an insurance contract: a fresh air within formalism

The insurance market has been growing steadily, as you know, for more than two years now. The trend will continue to intensify at the end of 2021 for the January 1st contract renewal season.
In order not to suffer from such important increases, which are often presented as inevitable, insured companies wishing to do so, must prepare before the summer the competition from their intermediaries (brokers and managers), before (or sometimes at the same time) that of insurers.


The MGA, a trendy (but not so new) beast Why?

On February 3rd, 2021, the underwriting agency Centrix announced its decision to join the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) – the only association in the UK that represents and promotes the Managing General Agents (MGA) industry and its members. “A natural choice,” according to the newly created MGA (2019) fancying to expand its presence in the London market.


Paris fantasizes the return of captive insurance companies

Le ministère de l’Economie aimerait que les grands groupes qui choisissent de s’assurer eux-mêmes – en
créant une captive d’assurance – le fassent en France plutôt qu’au Luxembourg


Why the consequences of a pandemic are not uninsurable (and should be insured)

Article published in Les Echos by Julien Aubert, Jérôme Goy and Olivier Marleix


Second lockdown and business interruption insurance : companies must persist in the face of insurers

The second lockdown has stopped or considerably slowed down the activity of many economic sectors that had already been severely affected since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis. Many companies in most countries have already declared a claim to their insurer about the business interruption coverage provided in their insurance contracts.


Business interruption insurance and coronavirus : insurers sentenced to cover companies’ losses in various countries

All over the world, the economic crisis unleashed by the outbreak of covid-19 is hurting economies, regardless of income level. According to World Bank forecasts, the global economy will shrink by 5.2% this year.

Coronavirus and business interruption: hotels, restaurants, is there a loophole in your insurance policy? (Free translated synthesis)

Insurance companies are insuring that business losses related to the pandemic are not insurable. However, the contracts are ambiguous, particularly concerning coverage during administrative closures, and the article proposes the contracts of five French insurance companies.


After Covid-19: Business interruption insurance for companies (Free translation)

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many sectors to shut down, while other companies are suffering considerable losses in turnover.


Intervention of Jérôme Goy on Sud Radio (Free translation)

Date : 2 Mai 2020
Organizer / Location: Sur Radio
Horaire : 8h45
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Goy

With Philippe David


“Businesses: insurance companies and the state must take responsibility”. The opinion column of J. Aubert, O. Marleix and J. Goy. (Free translation)

The three signatories call for the “creation of a simple mechanism to guarantee business interruption losses in the event of a pandemic, based on the natural disasters one”.

From 5 to 7 June, Lynda Saouli, Amélie Cormouls and Jean-Marie Léger will be attending PixDay 2019, the only French trade show for professional buyers and sellers of photos and videos, and CEPIC, the global event for picture industry professionals.

Date : 5-7 June 2019
Organizer / Location: PixDay 2019 - CEPIC
Lawyer(s): Amélie Cormouls , Jean-Marie Léger , Lynda Saouli

Lynda Saouli, Amélie Cormouls et Jean-Marie Léger participeront du 5 au 7 juin prochain au PixDay 2019, le seul salon français de rencontre entre les vendeurs et les acheteurs professionnels de photos et de vidéos, ainsi qu’au CEPIC, salon mondial des agences de photos et vidéos.

On 22 May 2019, Jérôme Pétrignet will be speaking at a conference organised by Elegia on France’s “Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation law and the social dimension of business” alongside Pauline Abadie and Patrick d’Humières.

Date : 22 May 2019
Organizer / Location: Elegia
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Pétrignet

Jérôme Pétrignet intervient le 22 mai 2019 dans le cadre d’une journée d’actualité organisée par Elegia sur le thème : « Loi Pacte et dimension sociétale des entreprises » aux cotés de Madame Pauline Abadie et de Monsieur Patrick d’Humières.

ENTHEMIS advises a hotel chain on securing funding from an investment fund to finance a hotel acquisition (business and premises) in Grenoble

French law firm ENTHEMIS has assisted a hotel chain on signing an agreement to purchase a hotel business and premises in Grenoble city centre

Jérôme Pétrignet will be speaking at the CLENAM and CRA conference on 1 April 2019 about certain aspects of business buyouts. He will particularly address the question of protection under an assets and liabilities guarantee

Date : 1st April 2019
Organizer / Location: CLENAM et le CRA
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Pétrignet

Jérôme Pétrignet intervient à l’occasion de la conférence organisée le 1er avril 2019 par le CLENAM et le CRA sur certains aspects choisis de la reprise d’entreprises. Il intervient plus particulièrement sur le thème : Est-on bien protégé avec une garantie Actif Passif ?

On 10 April, Jean-Marie Léger provides training on the legal framework of sales promotion and events to managers of a retail chain.

Date : 10 April 2019
Lawyer(s): Jean-Marie Léger

Jean-Marie Léger anime le 10 avril une formation sur l’encadrement juridique de la promotion des ventes et des animations commerciales au profit des gérants et responsables d’une enseigne de la distribution.

On 15 April, insurance and affinity distribution expert Jérôme Goy attends the Sciences Po Alumni Association and X Assurance dinner with André Renaudin, CEO of AG2R La Mondiale Matmut

Date : 15 April 2019
Organizer / Location: Alumni Sciences Po et X Assurance
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Goy

Jérôme Goy, spécialiste de la distribution d’assurance et affinitaire, participe le 15 avril au dîner des Alumni Sciences Po et X Assurance avec André Renaudin, Directeur Général d’AG2R La Mondiale Matmut

On 23 May at the FFA (French Insurance Federation), Jérôme Goy will take part in the round table on “Regulation as a source of innovation in insurance”

Date : 23 May 2019
Organizer / Location: FFA (Fédération Française de l'Assurance)
Lawyer(s): Jérôme Goy

Jérôme Goy participe le 23 mai à la FFA (Fédération Française de l'Assurance) à la table ronde "La réglementation au service de l’innovation dans l’assurance?"

On 11 July 2019, Jean-Marie Léger will be providing training on the breakdown of business relations between a communication agency and its customer, organised by COM&ENT, France’s leading professional corporate communication organisation.

Date : 11 July 2019
Organizer / Location: COM&ENT
Lawyer(s): Jean-Marie Léger

Le 11 juillet 2019, Jean-Marie Léger animera une formation consacrée à la rupture des relations commerciales entre une agence de communication et son client, formation organisée par COM&ENT, 1ère organisation professionnelle de communicants et communicantes en France.